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Compound Pueraria mirifica Capsule Bio 100 's/bottle

CODE: 304011

It results to reveal beautiful plump breast. It increases the breast size, firming up a beautiful building of female hormone.

Product Details : 

The new technology Bio Pueraria mirifica capsules by Yanhee hospital to increase the female hormone. It increases the breast size in pretty good shape. Strengthen the non-sagging breasts.

 Drug registration number: G 475 / 50 as a Traditional Medicine cabinet.




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Compound Pueraria mirifica Capsule Bio 100 's/bottle

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Pueraria mirifica : Increase female hormone. Increase breast size and skin firming. In addition, t reatment in postmenopausal women. Help build bone mass.

Galingale : health benefits. Aid digestion.

Liquorice : analeptic, cure thirsty